Sun Protection For Your Boat   

Boat Lifts
Radius Top
Boat Lifts
The Veranda
Boat Lifts
Boat Lifts
  • Every cover is custom sized for your boat and boat lift
  • 5 year warranty
  • Aluminum or Powder coated Galvanized stee l construction
  • Double rail reinfo rced frame
  • Removable top for hurricane force winds
  • Engineered frame for 140+ MPH winds
  • Engineered mounting systems to not compromise the warranty or integrity of the Boat lift Allows for airflow

Is the sun going down on your boat

  • Sun Damaged Seats
  • Damaged Electronics
  • Cracked Gelcoat
  • Reduced Trade values
  • Ruined Canvas
  • Less Boating because it's too much hassle removmingg covers
  • Mold issues from humidity under the canvas
  • Just too hot to work on the boat or even clean it